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The Internet of things (IoT) is already here.

Any existing electrical as well as electronic device may be connected to internet so it will be able to talk to other devices and be controlled remotely.

Therefore, @ domIoT we have a solution to automate every device without any limit, from a domestic fan to an industrial freezer through a garage door, a Smart TV, intercom, computers, multimedia devices, alarms, heating, air conditioning, pool, irrigation, lights, refrigerator, etc.


Presence control via wi-fi connection, PIR (movement) sensors, finger-prints, GPS as well as access controls. No need to worry anymore for the risks of someone forcing your outdoors keypad to access home. Our keypads are wifi password protected and work with a safe protocol. No wires, except for power. They can also work with batteries that last long due to device deep sleep mode when not used for a certain time. You can set up as many passwords as you wish for as many different users as you like and all based on time schemes that will allow user to enter only when you want. And of course, you can do it remotely. Let’s authorize someone to enter to my garage for 3h tomorrow morning and send him the password via mail, Whatsapp o Telegram. When the work is done, he taps the code again, our system closes everything and sends a notification to you. Work is done, plumber is gone!
We do not only integrate your home to our system. We also integrate your vehicles (Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, etc) and your family smartphones so that you can have full control of anyone anywhere.

Consumption is something that affects directly your pocket. We control electricity, water and gas consumption so that when an unusual consumption compared to previous average records is detected you receive an notification to your phone or mail and instantly can decide what to do whether it is to switch it off or limit is use.

You may set up as many timers as you wish to control all connected devices.

You may integrate your existing cameras system as well as alarm system or simply install our own more advanced system that fully integrates to the rest of devices. If a movement is detected somewhere, whatever you want may be activated. If your alarm is activated by an intruder any action you please might be taken. We support, at this moment, 37 camera brand types and 22 alarms brand types, like Verisure, Satel, Wink, Honeywell, Paradox, etc.

Full control of you swimming pool remotely. Pump time schedules linked to sun position and height, water temperature, salt level, Ph and turbulence to optimize consumption for an always crystal-clear water. Almost any existing device may be linked to our system.

Voice control of any device, whether it is by our own proprietary system or by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, etc…

Wifi sound speakers or multimedia devices are not a problem for us. You have a Sonos speaker playing Spotify…that’s good…we integrate it and you will be able to interact with your lights, doors, shutters without effecting normal use. You have 3 Chromcast devices playing around, that’s good…in a blink of an eye… they’re into our system.

Existing heating system, boiler, air conditioning, fridge or oven are no longer a problem to you. We create virtual and real thermostats that allow you to set away times, temperature limits, alerts in case someone is using it abusively and do anything related to indoors and outdoors temperature. We support sensors that measure temperatures up to 400ºC.

Garage doors are easy to add to our system. You’ll be able to know if the door es correctly closed or if it is opening o closing as well as when do you what it to be opened o closed. What if there’s nobody home and the door is open. Our system may send a notification to you phone or to a list of members of the family asking you what to do. Shall I close the door in case you forgot?

Rain sensors may also be of help. Is it raining…what do I do? Stop watering…close some doors. Stop pool pump. Pump water from flooded somewhere.

Your home computers, tablets or phones may be remotely switch on and off. You may have a tab in our system with all devices and in a single click shut them all off. But what if they were saving a file or coping something. We care about data safety and we know that. It is not about simply shutting the power off…it is about telling the operating system to shut down when every critical action is finished and in case it is too critical, let’s not power off.

 All control devices are Wifi connected to your router but in case some devices are extremely critical they might be wired too. We always know what is our devices RSSI signal strength so that we can provide enough signal for everything to run smoothly.

What if internet goes off? No problem. The system will continue working locally and as soon as internet comes back you’ll have remote access to everything.

What if electrical power goes off? Well…in fact…as it used to happen before…you have nothing working but we can provide battery solutions to solve everything.

All in all, it is neither a web nor an app, although all these devices are controlled through a responsive web, which looks like an app to the mobile smart phone and a regular web for your PCs.

That is why our claim is, if you want it, we do it!

Welcome to the future of home automation.

For any further information:
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